Nutrition Counseling in Queens, NY

Nutrition balance is essential to good health and there is a lot of confusing information about what that means. At Choices Women’s Medical Center, you have the opportunity to meet with our nutrition expert for accurate information that is focused on your individual medical conditions/concerns and overall health.


Pregnancy Nutrition:

Eating for two is a lot harder than it sounds. Friends and family often have conflicting ideas about what you should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy. Seeing a Registered Dietitian will give you the facts and help you to get the nutrients to keep you strong with the baby on board growing well.

Breastfeeding Nutrition:

Mother’s milk is the perfect food, full of all the vitamins and minerals your baby needs along with bonus antibodies for immune support, it’s no wonder making milk is such hard work! Many new moms are confused about what to eat and how they can determine whether their babies are getting enough milk. Make an appointment with our Registered Dietitian for education to get the support you deserve.

Diabetes Self-Management Education:

Whether you are pre-diabetic, need to get your blood sugar under control or just want to understand how to manage your diabetes properly, meeting with our Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator can make a world of difference to help get you on track.

Child Nutrition Health:

Kids need a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables to help them learn and grow. Getting them to eat a healthy diet is challenging for parents. Meeting with our Registered Dietitian will arm you with kid friendly meal ideas, help you understand toddler eating behaviors and let you know what might be missing in your child’s diet.

Weight Loss/Obesity:

Weight loss is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. Meeting with our Registered Dietitian can help you understand your weight loss goals and how to safely get there.  You will receive the constant support and encouragement needed to help you achieve your goals.

Bariatric Surgery:

Finding a qualified Registered Dietitian to work with when you are planning a bariatric surgery procedure can be difficult.  You can set up a visit with our Registered Dietitian who can help guide you through the process before and after surgery.


Knowing what to eat to lower your cholesterol can be very confusing, knowing exactly what “healthy” means is hard. Are eggs good or bad? What is the difference between good fat and bad fat? Our Registered Dietitian can help you understand the difference and help you lower your cholesterol.

Digestive Problems

Many Americans suffer from constipation and indigestion. Digestive problems are often uncomfortable or even painful. Research shows that the right diet can make a huge difference in how we feel and digest our food. Meeting our Registered Dietitian can help you get your digestive tract running smoothly.

Infertility Nutrition Counseling:

It’s no secret that healthy eating during pregnancy makes a big difference in the health of mother and baby but what about before pregnancy? Eating well before you conceive gives you a head start by getting your body ready to grow a baby. Having a healthy weight and all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs can even make it easier to conceive.

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