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Women's Health Center in Queens, NY

Choices is a woman-owned and operated medical facility serving women in New York City and surrounding areas for over 45 years. Our team of board-certified medical professionals and support staff offer safe, trusted, comprehensive care and services at the highest level. Our state-of-the-art facility is located in the heart of Jamaica Queens, NY.

Women's Health

Choices offers comprehensive care for women of all ages

Your Compassionate Health Care Experts

Choices Women’s Medical Center was founded to provide the best possible health care for women.

This remains our core mission. At our state-of-the-art facility and with a staff of top medical professionals devoted to women’s mental and physical well being, Choices offers comprehensive prenatal and gynecological care that includes regular “well-woman” exams, birth control, prenatal care and abortion to 24 weeks.

We specialize in assisting teens with reproductive health issues, and all our services are entirely confidential. You can apply for and receive Emergency Medicaid on the spot, and other forms of financial help are available.


Immediate Care


Immediate Care at Choices

Can’t find time to see a doctor?  Need to take time off from work?  Can’t find a babysitter?  Choices can help with Saturday appointments.

You can walk in, call or make an appointment online for all your gynecological or prenatal needs. If you are in pain, show symptoms of an infection or need to speak to one of our Board Certified providers or licensed counselors, just get in touch.  We serve patients from all five boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk and out of town.

We offer prompt treatment and courteous quality care. Can’t get an appointment to see your own gynecologist and don’t want to go to the ER? Choices is the ideal alternative. We are near major subway and bus lines and the LIRR.  Choices accept Medicaid, most healthcare insurances, debit cards, credit cards and cash.

Don’t have health insurance coverage? Choices has in-house insurance specialists that can help you apply and provide information on government programs that could cover your medical care. Are you on Medicaid? If so, you will get a free, round-trip Metro Card to cover transportation costs. For immediate and late night care, for questions related to billing or insurance, or to speak to speak to a Choices health care specialists, just call Choices at 718-786-5000 or text the word “CHOICES” to 27126.

Message From Merle

Merle Hoffman, Founder and President of Choices Women's Medical Center

Women’s History Month

March 8th: International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day
In Women’s History Month,
We at Choices say to all those who would take away our freedom:
Not on our watch!
Not in our time!
Not in any time!

We won’t give up the fight for safe, legal, accessible abortion for all women and for all the things that women need and deserve for healthy, positive, fulfilling lives!

Vice-President Mike Pence recently said to a meeting of no-choicers that the legal right to abortion would end “in our time.” He and others like him in positions of power in D.C. and throughout the country seek to limit women’s right to live as full human beings, especially, the right to control their own reproduction.  That means the right and ability to end an unwanted pregnancy without guilt or fear, to learn about and have access to the safest and most reliable methods of birth control, and to have the best prenatal care possible.

This is why Merle Hoffman developed Choices into one of the most comprehensive women’s medical centers in the country today, and it is what we dedicate ourselves to every day we see patients.

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