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How Women Can Get Presumptive & Emergency Coverage In New York

For low-income women needing STD treatment, prenatal care, or abortion services, finding these can be difficult. However, there are several options available, including emergency Medicaid and insurance options for every income level.

Choices Women’s Medical Center specializes in women’s reproductive health, regardless of their age, gender identity, nationality, or culture. Also offering health education and a full range of gynecological testing and treatment, as well as a complete prenatal program and abortion services to 24 weeks, Choices is dedicated to the highest quality care of its patients.

Medicaid for Unemployed and Undocumented Status Women

When it comes to emergency medical conditions, Medicaid is often the first consideration because it provides payment for necessary services and care for a wide range of individuals, including those with undocumented and temporary non-immigrant status.

Women with undocumented alien status were admitted into the United States on a temporary but currently-expired basis or entered the country in such a way that circumvented inspection. In both cases, there will be no available immigration documents to show.

Temporary non-immigrants can include tourists, students, and some workers. These individuals usually qualify for Emergency Medicaid in New York State.

medicaid assistance

Low-income eligibility for Emergency or Presumptive Medicaid for pregnancy-related services is $3,018 monthly income for a pregnant women and infants under the age of 1.

What You’ll Need to Apply at Choices

In order to be able to successfully apply for Emergency Medicaid on-site at Choices, you will need some kind of current and government-issued photo ID. You will also need to have either a passport or birth certificate.

If applicable, you will also need a Social Security card and proof of address. The latter must be current to within three months to obtain free birth control in Queens, NY, and it can be a utility bill, pay stub, or similar document.

types of birth control

For low-income women under 21 to qualify for Medicaid, proof of enrollment is required. Those over the age of 21 must provide proof of income. Proof of income is determined by providing your most recent two consecutive bi-weekly paychecks or four consecutive weekly paychecks.

The medical coverage is valid for the length of the pregnancy. Those seeking coverage through Emergency Medicaid for pregnancy will be relieved to know that it also extends for two months following the end of the pregnancy.

The good news is that no patient’s inability to pay a copayment will result in denial of care or services while under Medicaid. However, every provider of services does have the right to bill you for unpaid co-payments and/or ask you for the amount of the copayment when you visit them.

The Family Planning Benefit Program

If you are unable to get Medicaid, there is something called the Family Benefit Planning Program (FPBP). This option allows you to obtain coverage for sexual and reproductive health services. Although some eligibility is required, the FPBP is available at Choices Women’s Medical Center in New York.

The services covered under the FPBP are available to uninsured individuals as well as those who carry private insurance but who wish to receive confidential sexual health services. This particular program for low-income women covers all forms of birth control, including IUDs, patches, condoms, and the pill. It also covers emergency birth control such as Plan B.

The FPBP also provides no-cost testing for HIV and STIs, as well as preventive screenings and pregnancy testing and counseling.

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Services which are not covered under the FPBP include fertility treatments, abortion, HPV vaccinations, and pregnancy and prenatal services. In order to be eligible for the FPBP, patients must be residents of New York State or of the U.S. Immigrants with satisfactory status are included in those who are eligible for coverage under the FPBP.

Certain information is required in order to apply for FPBP, and this includes proof of age, citizenship, address, and income, as well as a photo ID, Social Security number, and any documentation associated with the costs of childcare.

Choices Offers Non-Judgmental, Comprehensive Care

Choices Women’s Medical Center not only accepts Medicaid from several states, including NY, but also provides truthful and compassionate care in addition to walk-in and same-day appointments. Your health is far too important to have to wait for medical care; with Choices, you don’t have to. Simply call us for all of your sexual and reproductive health needs today: (718) 786-5000, or visit our web site for more information.


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