November 11, 2016
A Study Tests the Safety of Women Using Abortion Pills Sent by Mail; The New York Times

A Study Tests the Safety of Women Using Abortion Pills Sent by Mail

Australia and the Canadian province of British Columbia allow women to get abortion pills by mail after consulting with a physician or other health care provider via phone or the internet. Several international organizations offer mail service in countries where abortion is otherwise unavailable or severely restricted. The service is not available in the United States, and the Food and Drug Administration warns against buying the drugs over the internet.
August 11, 2016
Choices Women's Medical Center founder and chief executive officer Merle Hoffman

Choices featured in July 2016 Queens Courier

Led by the pioneering efforts of founder and chief executive officer Merle Hoffman, Choices Women's Medical Center has served the Queens community and provided comprehensive women's healthcare for more than four decades. -- The Queens Courier by Suzanne Monteverdi
August 11, 2016
Merle Hoffman and daughter Sasha

Merle Hoffman featured in NY Times Family Story

At 58, Ms. Hoffman adopted a 31/2-year-old girl from Russia. Friends greeted her with everything from shock to rage. “Some were like, ‘What are you, nuts? You’re too old!’” she recalled. “Some were supportive.
April 1, 2016
Esther Priegue, LCSW demonstrates the technology that will allow Choices Women’s Medical Center to counsel patients who receive abortion drugs through the mail.

Choices Women’s Medical Center in The Guardian

A pilot study in New York, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington will allow women to receive abortion-inducing drugs through the mail and be counseled by video. “It’s the future,” said Esther Priegue, the director of counseling at Choices Women’s Medical Center in Queens, NY, where the first of the pilot programs launched.
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