March 31, 2020
Choices has expanded our Televisits

Essential Choices Need Essential Service: CHOICES is Open for YOU!

We know everyone is concerned and stressed about the COVID-19 pandemic: How to stay safe and how to get the medical care you need right now! Choices has been a safe haven for women and their families for almost 50 years.
March 25, 2020
Choices staff 1st floor waiting room; Wonder Woman mural by Linda Stein

We are all warriors now…

We are all warriors now… This Covid-19 virus is a dire threat to the health and well being of the entire country. Each day, each hour there is a new body count and New York City is now the epi-center of the virus. Here, in New York, we are struggling to receive much needed ventilators and PPE (personal protective equipment) from the Federal Government to go to our Hospitals. Over 30,000 retired doctors and nurses have volunteered to go in […]
February 11, 2019
©Norma Bessouet in On The Issues Online in Fall 2012 issue

Merle Hoffman | February 2019

There are certain moments that I'll always remember and often think of when I need a reminder of why I do what I do. This is one of them: I call it, "The Love of Strangers."
August 3, 2018
Volunteer escorts welcome women outside Choices and shield them from anti-abortion protesters, rain, snow or shine.


Is New York supportive of abortion rights? As one of the first states to legalize it and as a state considered the “Abortion Capital of America,” one might think so. But if you looked at what happens at Choices every Saturday morning you could have another view. Even before I moved to our current location on Jamaica Avenue in 2012, the large organized anti-abortion protests began.
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