Abortion Bans are a Global Menace to Women, Choices June 2019 newsletter
Abortion Bans are a Global Menace to Women
June 4, 2019
Protestors harass a woman and child trying to enter Choices Women's Medical Center in Queens. Photo Credit: NY Attorney General’s Office. Choices June 2019 newsletter
New Briefs Support New York Attorney General’s Appeal
June 4, 2019

Choices Hits Switzerland

“This is the future for women if we lose the right to make our own decisions!” In the office of her clinic, Queens in New York, Merle Hoffman brandishes a hanger one meter wide, symbol of the horror of illegal abortions.

This quote is featured in “Abortion, a new American cultural war,” an article in the French-language Epaper Le Temps in Switzerland. It’s the latest of several publications abroad to feature articles where Choices is featured.

You can read it in French here or click for Google English translation.

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