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Choices Women’s Medical Center began in 1971 as one of the first abortion clinics in the United States and has since grown to offer a full range of reproductive health services. We are committed to meeting the needs of our patients, regardless of age, gender identity, nationality or culture, in a safe, comfortable environment that is completely confidential. Choices is woman-owned and operated, and our board-certified doctors are at the top of their fields, including abortion to 24 weeks. GYN exams, prenatal care, birth control, abortion services, counseling and more – your needs are our specialty. Patients come to our easy-to-reach health center in Jamaica, Queens NY from all over New York and other states and countries. We hope you will join them.


Abortion is a safe method to end a pregnancy. Your abortion care, your concerns and all your personal information are kept completely confidential.

  • Medical abortion (the “abortion pill,” or RU-486) is available up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Learn More
  • Surgical, or in-clinic abortion is available up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Our doctors are very experienced and use the best and safest methods. Learn More

There are NO restrictive abortion laws in New York. No waiting periods, no age restrictions, and you do not need to tell anyone or get permission. Out-of-state patients are welcome. Low- or no-cost abortion services are available. Free walk-in abortion pregnancy testing.

From teens to seniors, Choices is proud of our multi-generational patient population. Women’s reproductive health is at the core of CHOICES services, including a full range of gynecological testing, treatment and Well-Woman Care; annual exams; all birth control options; and a complete prenatal program. All GYN services are completely confidential, whether your need is immediate, or you wish to develop a long-term relationship with a gynecologist. For compassion, concern, understanding, and expertise, come to Choices where our specialty is YOU.

No insurance? No problem. Apply for the Family Planning Benefit Program to receive free GYN services at Choices.

Choices Women's Medical Center

You’ll receive the best prenatal care available, here at Choices. Your Pregnancy Care Team will be with you through each phase of your pregnancy and after your delivery to provide all the medical and emotional support you need. Whether you need a free pregnancy test or seeking pregnancy options, prenatal care, miscarriage management, or fertility assessment, Choices is here to help.

Why Choose Choices

  • 50 years of experience
  • Immediate appointments
  • Completely confidential
  • No parental consent required
  • Emergency Medicaid signup for same-day abortions or prenatal care
  • Funding assistance available
  • Free abortion, GYN, and prenatal care
  • All insurances accepted and sliding scale payment plans
  • Abortions to 24 weeks
  • Female doctors
  • Free car service and Metrocards
  • Spanish-speaking translation services
  • Highly trained counseling staff
  • Almost all of our referrals come from word of mouth
  • 700+ Positive Patient Reviews

About Choices


The story of Choices Women’s Medical Center begins in 1971 when Merle Hoffman founded one of the first abortion clinics in the U.S., shortly after New York State, along with four other states, legalized abortion. It began a specialized Out-of-Town Program six years ago because more and more states were passing restrictions –and now, because of the June 2022 cruel reversal of Roe by the Supreme Court, there are hundreds of thousands of women and girls who will need this help more than ever.

New York State continues to guarantee legal abortions to 24 weeks, and Choices is still providing them and will continue to do so. We have begun to see a major increase in patients coming from Texas and other states where clinics have been forced to close and various abortion bans and restrictions have kicked in after the recent decision.

Here’s where you can help. Women, girls, and people everywhere need to know about Choices. We need to spread the word that Choices is here, with our skilled medical staff and the highest level of care, concern and complete confidentiality. We assist patients at every step of their journey. We work closely with abortion funds and other sources for funding procedures and travel expenses, and we assist in finding housing for those who have to stay in NYC overnight. Choices is NOT a 501©(3) organization; therefore your donation is non-tax deductible but life-saving. However, we make every effort to insure that patients who need to come here and have no resources are not turned away for financial reasons. All donated funds will go to this purpose.

A Note About Our Use of Language

Choices understands and respects that not every person with the capacity for pregnancy identifies as a woman. We respect each individual’s gender identity, expression, and experience, and desire to be inclusive and helpful to all who need information about abortion or support.

While we do make an effort to use gender-inclusive language (person/people/they/them/patient) throughout our website, we do also use woman/women/girls. We do so in order to acknowledge the long history of gender discrimination targeting women, the specialized health care that we provide, and our experience with the hundreds of thousands of women using our services over the last ½ century.

Choices also started one of the first programs specifically created to see treat and support trans patients in 2016, Choices Medical TransCare.


Choices believes that cost should never keep a person from having access to health care. If you’re asking, “Where can I get free or low-cost health services?” our Financial Counselors can help you apply on-site to government programs that can cover your medical care. You can apply in the morning and get services that same day. We take most insurances and work closely with nonprofits that fund abortion services and help with transportation and overnight housing for patients who need it. We take credit cards, cash and can arrange payment plans.

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Job & Career Opportunities

We are currently hiring for multiple full and part time positions. Learn more on our Indeed Page:

Map & Directions

Choices Women’s Medical Center is located at 147-32 Jamaica Avenue, Queens, NY 11435, just two blocks from the Long Island Rail Road’s Jamaica Station and multiple New York City subway lines. Our main entrance is just off Jamaica Avenue on 147th Street. Look for our blue awning.

For more detailed directions, please click here.

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