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Choices Medical TransCare offers comprehensive medical and mental health services to individuals 13 years of age or older. These include:

Sexual Healthcare – Testing for STIs, including HIV; hormone therapy and monitoring; STI prevention education.

HIV Testing and Treatment

Mental Health and Counseling Services – For patients, family and friends, and Support Groups.


Social Services – Assistance with employment and housing issues and identity documentation.

Educational Outreach – lifestyle classes

Insurance and Financial Aid – Choices has in-house insurance specialists that can provide information on and help you apply for programs that could cover your medical care.

Referrals – When needed, Choices Medical TransCare will offer referrals to outside trusted, trans-friendly healthcare providers


Message from Merle Hoffman

Message from Merle Hoffman

As we launch Choices Medical Transcare, we are pleased to bring you some thoughts from Melissa Sklarz, Board Co-Chair of Empire Pride Agenda, the state-wide LGBTQ lobbying organization and long-time political and community activist. We are honored to share her comments with you.

Today’s LGBT health network began as a response to HIV-AIDS. Today it’s imperative and essential that trans people have our own network of doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. The physical transition from one gender to another – the biological, emotional and psychological changes – are unique and cry out for specialized care.

Until recently it was difficult to get the healthcare industry to recognize the uniqueness of trans lives. Choices is part of a new generation of medical caregivers who are aware of that uniqueness and is a facility where the expectation of sensitivity will be realized for trans people. Bringing trans-affirming health to Southeast Queens is a niche that needs to be filled.